Our Mission

At Hartlip Endowed Church of England Primary we aim to create an exciting learning environment through a creative and imaginative curriculum. All members of our school community are valued and shown respect enabling them to achieve their personal best. We are committed to establishing and maintaining high standards in work and behaviour and developing positive relationship between all members of the school community based on a Christian foundation.

Hartlip Endowed Church of England Primary School is a Church of England Voluntary Aided School.

 Our Vision

Our vision is to provide an environment which will enable children, as special individuals, to achieve their potential as whole people, developing and maturing in every way while also following the Christian concept of caring and respect for the individual, the family and the wider world.

Our school seeks to be a happy place, with a welcoming atmosphere, built on mutual respect, with confidence and understanding between parents, children, staff and governors.

Our Christian School Values

Our daily school life is governed in accordance to our identified and selected Christian Values: Trust, Forgiveness, Thankfulness, Peace and Friendship.

  • All members of the school community are trusted by all those within the school community to deliver the very best for the children in all that they do
  • Things will go wrong. There is a quiet acceptance of this deployed throughout the school and the opportunity to move on and learn from this, demonstrated through the value of forgiveness.
  • All members are thankful for the community to which we belong and demonstrates this accordingly
  • We learn in peace. We accept that we all learn in different ways and have different needs that require accommodation
  • We learn in friendship; supporting each other to achieve to our very best potential at all times.

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