Governor Pen Pictures

Joe Morgan – DBEd Foundation Governor and Chair of Governors

I am a Project Planning Manager for a large multinational aerospace company with a wide range of people and project management experience, which is useful in my role as a school governor. My father was the Head of English for a 700-pupil boarding school where I grew up, so I have been around an educational environment for many years and understand why children need to be at the centre of any decision we make as a Governing Body.

I have two children at Hartlip school, one in Peacocks and one in Eagles and I joined the Governing Body six years ago as I wanted to make a positive difference to their educational experience and that of their classmates.

I very much enjoy helping the school achieve the very best for all of its children and am fortunate to be part of a highly committed and capable group of people who make up the Governing Body at Hartlip School today.


Claire Fisher – DBEd Foundation Governor
I have worked for Lloyds Banking Group for 26 years. I am a highly competent Senior Manager with extensive experience of management within Financial Services. I’m action oriented and results driven and can be relied upon to drive projects forward and create efficiencies in working practices.  I am keen to support the school, and want to help ensure that the school continues to provide an outstanding education, and that the pupils get the best from their time at Hartlip.


Lindsay Fordyce – DBEd Foundation Governor

I am a Deputy Headteacher at a large primary school in Kent.  I am dedicated to ensuring that children receive a high quality education in a place where they feel valued, happy and safe.  I have been teaching for the last 16 years and have enjoyed all of the daily challenges and enjoyment that this role allows you to be fortunate enough to experience.  


I have two children of my own who make me proud on a daily basis and are currently at Hartlip school, one in Eagles and one in Blackbirds.  I joined the Governing Body six years ago as I wanted to be part of the hardworking and committed team of people who work tirelessly to ensure that the children receive a positive experience and a great education at Hartlip School.


Sarah Fowler – PCC Foundation Governor

Our family moved to Hartlip in 2013 and my youngest son attends Hartlip School. I have two grown up children and two grandchildren. My eldest children both attended Church schools and went onto further education. Now my eldest grandchild is now starting the journey and attends a church school in Medway. I have a multitude of experience with the education process from a Parents view. I am also a foster carer with responsibility for a disabled child with SEN.


I am an Accounts Assistant for a Publication House, now working part time. I have nearly 30 years working experience in administration, both in the public and private sectors. I am also an amateur cake decorator, gardener and crafter in my spare time.


I joined the Governing Body in 2015 following becoming more involved as a school volunteer. I helped start up the Kingsquad, run by the Family Trust, and am the co-ordinator for the Hartlip Messy Church.


I am committed to contributing my life experiences to the Governing body to ensure the school provides an education of the highest quality and to promote the Christian ethos and strong school values through the experience it offers to all its pupils.


Jacqueline Kemp – PCC Foundation Governor

I am a retired teacher and Head Teacher, having given over 40 years of my working life to children’s education. My husband and I have three grown up children, two of them and a daughter-in-law, are teachers, also a number of my wider family are or have been involved in teaching. and family conversations often revolve around education. I have four grandchildren, two at church primary schools. My husband and I are committed, practising Christians in a church locally, that is part of The Six Benefice. I have previously been a governor, an educational adviser for the local authority and a School Improvement Partner and Inspector of church schools. In my working life and still today my mantra has been that children are our future and deserve the best we can give them.


Joan Jabbour – PCC Foundation Governor

I have recently retired from teaching and being a Head Teacher and I have greatly enjoyed working to improve the provision and outcomes for children.


As a regular communicant and committed Christian in the Benefice, I am delighted that I am now a Governor of Hartlip School and I look forward to working with the School for the benefit of the children in particular.  I have taught for over thirty years and been in leadership roles since 1992, with eleven years as a Head Teacher.


I believe that children in primary education have the right to receive the very best opportunities possible to learn and develop so that they are equipped to face their next step in life as confident and considerate citizens with enthusiasm to learn and high aspirations.


Tracey Jerome – Headteacher
It is an honour to be Headteacher of Hartlip Endowed Church England Primary School. I have 22 years’ experience in the teaching profession and have taught at five different schools in Medway and Kent on the journey to accepting my first headship at Hartlip. I always wanted to be a teacher, a passion which had my love of children at the heart of it, wanting to make a difference in their lives. I truly believe in the saying: one childhood, one chance. I am driven by the vision to ensure that every child’s experience of school is a happy one. I want children to look back on school with fond memories, recalling events and sharing them with their families in years to come.
My journey to headship has been shaped by the different settings I have worked in under the guidance and challenge of inspirational leaders. This has set the agenda for the leader that I now strive to be, drawing on all that I have learnt. For the last 17 years, it has been the arrival of my own children which drive me on a daily basis. Every moment of every day is the time for me to ask myself the question if what I am delivering, planning and setting direction for is good enough for the two children around whom my world revolves. If the answer to that question is not a loud, resounding yes, then it is a non-starter. If it’s not good enough for my own, why would it be good enough for the children, parents and community I serve?
As a Governor of Hartlip School, I am privileged to work with a dedicated group of people, all serving the school in the best interests of our children and families. I pride myself on being a reflective practitioner and so welcome their challenge along with all stakeholders: parents, carers, children, extended family and Trustees. Together we all ensure that: one childhood, one chance, means delivery of the very best that we can.


Rev. Julian Staniforth – Ex officio Governor
I am the Rector of The Six benefice of churches, which includes the village of Hartlip. This role brings with it a number of different connections with the school, not least as the local parish priest of St Michael’s & All Angels church. By virtue of this role, I hold an ex-officio post as a Foundation Governor on the School’s Governing Body, and I am also a Trustee of The Mary Gibbons Trust. As a Governor I am currently Chair of the Finance Committee, as well as Governor responsible for Health & Safety. I am also a Foundation Governor of the Federation of Lower Halstow and Newington Church of England (Controlled) Primary schools, where I am also a member of their Finance Committee. I bring previous experience from the world of business, as I am a Chartered Management Accountant, having spent many years in financial management in the electronic and media industries prior to ordination. I am committed to the Christian values of Hartlip School, seeing them as providing a strong foundation, not only for the children’s learning, but also equipping them for life in a challenging world where they can both flourish and make their own unique contribution.


Simon Taylor – Parent Governor

I completed my post-graduate/professional studies in June of 1997. Since this time I have continually been in self-employment in a role that involves providing professional advice and services to the public, small business enterprises and government departments.

My day to day work involves applying a strategic approach and critical analysis to problems presented by those who engage my services. It is my anticipation that applying these skills and experience can enhance the performance of the Governing Body in such a way that I positively contribute to the school and local community.


Karen Weller – Parent Governor
My name is Karen Weller, I’m married and have four children. My professional background is Paediatric and Specialist Community Public Health Nursing. I care passionately about children’s education and firmly believe that parents play just as an important part as school in providing this. In conjunction with my experience and knowledge gained whilst working within children’s health services, becoming a Parent Governor provided an opportunity for me to make a valuable contribution to the governing body, to work together to achieve one common goal, that every child that attends Hartlip Primary School is not only happy and safe in their learning environment but has access to outstanding education provision.


Jackie Warncken – Staff Governor

I am married with two daughters and I have worked in the school office here at Hartlip Endowed Church of England Primary School for over 20 years.  The administration roles and responsibilities have changed and expanded in educational settings a great deal during that time.  My role of Office Manager includes being responsible for day to day administration, the school finances and premises.  Other members of my extended family work in the educational sector, as teachers and in administration and my interest in children’s education and their wellbeing as whole children and not just as statistics, goes beyond “just a job”.  I joined the Governing Body as a Staff Governor 15 years ago. 


Donna Brazier – LA Governor
I have worked with children throughout my working life, and when I wasn’t employed I was busy raising four children of my own (three of which attended Hartlip Primary School).
This is not my first governing role as I was a parent governor for 4 years at Brenzett Primary School.
I have been the manager of Hartlip Pre-School for 13 years, and during this time I have attained a Level 4 NVQ Qualification in Early Years Care and Education. I have also attended many vocational courses over the years and have training & practical experience in issues such as Safeguarding, Behaviour Management and Health & Safety.
Hartlip Pre-School has forged strong links over the years with Hartlip Primary School and I would like our bond to continue to grow.
I take an active interest in the children in our community and believe I can contribute to their future by being a Hartlip school governor.


Elizabeth Hadley – Associate member with special responsibility for SEN

I am a retired teacher. I trained in Coventry and started my teaching career in Warwickshire in September 1972, where I worked in a variety of First Schools’ (YR to Y3). In 1988 I was seconded for a term to train as a SENCO. I began working for Kent County Council in September 1990, when my husband’s occupation necessitated a move.


After six years working at Westminster Primary on the Isle of Sheppey I secured the position as Deputy Head at South Avenue Infant School in Sittingbourne, where my role included that of SENCO. Although my other responsibilities varied, according to the needs of the school, I continued as SENCO for the next 13 years.


I am currently a member of St. Margaret’s Church, Lower Halstow, which is part of the same Benefice as Hartlip. When our Rector made me aware that there was  a vacancy for a Governor, with special responsibility for SEN at Hartlip Endowed C.of E. Primary School, I hoped that my previous professional experience and my continued interest in SEN provision would make me a suitable candidate.


I also have a voluntary connection with Lower Halstow Primary School and act as our church representative, leading hymn practice on Tuesdays and organising the Christian Book Library once a month.


Alastair Crawford – Associate member
I am a Chartered Accountant and have been qualified for over 33 years. I have been a partner in a local accountancy practice for 30 years. When I originally put my name forward to be a governor at Hartlip, I had one son at the school and felt that I would like to become a school parent governor to contribute in my own way towards the stability of the school. My daughter became a pupil at the school  three years later. They have both long left the school however, I am still very happy to assist the school utilising my finance skills and experience. In recent times, I have resigned as a school governor due to the increasing burden being put on governors however I was happy to continue to help the finance committee and became an Associate Member.  


Ellen McCabe – Associate member

I arrived at Hartlip School in September 2014 as Deputy Headteacher; my first Deputy role. I have ten years teaching experience, much of which was in the London Borough of Greenwich, where I previously lived before relocating to Kent. My role includes teaching for 80% of the week, as well as leading assessment, RE and PHSE and working closely with the Headteacher on improving teaching and learning across the school.

I am passionate about ensuring the experience of every child at Primary School is a happy one; with engaging learning along with laughter, fun and inspiration.

Serving as part of the Governing Body at Hartlip is a new experience for me but one that proves very important. It allows me to belong to a team who share a common purpose; the outstanding education of the children in our school.