Physical ed

4 November 2016

Dear Parents/Carers,

Blackbirds continued their class learning by learning the first part of a firework dance. They moved in a range of ways to music imagining themselves at a display. They mimicked fireworks, shooting from their hands and included different levels to their dance. Please ensure a PE kit is in school (with spare socks, if they wear tights).

Peacocks had another super PE session; this term focussing on athletic skills of running, jumping & throwing. They are also working constantly on their agility, balance and coordination through various activities. We learnt how to hold the javelin (foam!), target throw, speed bounce, ladder drills and balance beam.

Other Dates for the diary:

Clubs begin next week. Please remember to send in monies ASAP or by the end of the week

Wednesday 9th NovemberCross-country for anyone interested in Y3-Y6 (TBC) at The Oasis Academy 2.30pm arrival, 3-4.30/5pm. I can only apologise for short notice (due to illness before the break). I would rather give the children the opportunity then for them to miss out. The deadline for this competition is this Monday. As I am not in school on Monday I suggest you dojo me if your child wants to attend. Depending on numbers and staffing I will see if it is possible to go.

Monday 14th November – SOME OF PEACOCKS Y3/4 (am) Sportshall Athletics (waiting for confirmation that there is space available).  Separate letter to follow for those involved.

Mrs Ridge

7 October 2016

Dear Parents/Carers,

The term is flying by. I’m looking forward to teaching our newest members this afternoon. I know from Mrs Barrett they have been busy developing both their fine and gross motor skills through the exciting activities offered and showing off their skills in their discovery time.

Peacocks class had an exceptionally productive PE lesson. The whole class showed a lot of perseverance and determination working on their REAL PE skills. FUNs 8 and 12 involving reaction, agility and response. Lots of us have asked to practise at lunch and would love a tennis ball to practise with at home. Get your parents to try your challenges!

Eagles’ Tag Rugby

A super afternoon was had by all yesterday afternoon at the local tag rugby festival. It was a pleasure to accompany the class. Three Hartlip teams, played 4 matches each. It was well-run and the children got to put their skills and hard work from lessons into practise in a competition. Although there was no focus on winning (new rugby rules state that it was about the rugby core values of teamwork, discipline, sportsmanship, respect and enjoyment) our children fought hard to successfully score more tries than our opponents in many games! The teams showed all the core values – congratulations! My thanks as always go firstly to the children and parents/friends for transporting. Extra special thanks goes to Mrs Harley, Mr Scott, Mrs Jones, Mrs Hunt & Mrs Burrows for their assistance and support with the children.

SRUFC Juniors meet every Sunday 10am (please check their website for fixtures, if you are just going to turn up to avoid disappointment) at SRUFC Gore Court. They welcome new players of any ability – girls or boys. They have invited anyone to join them this Sunday (for free – no subs to pay until your child knows they want to join). Do come along… I have leaflets in school with contact details. Please ask (I will also put some in the lobby).

Remember tag rugby club runs every Wednesday – open to Y2 upwards.

30 September 2016

In Blackbirds the children are focussing on their floor movement patterns. We played games that made us practise moving in different ways. It’s pleasing to see how much they have improved. Help us to practise skipping, galloping, side stepping (Can you do a half turn and continue side stepping the other way?), hopscotching (forwards and backwards)? What other ways can you move?

Peacocks enjoyed playing lots of games to improve their tag rugby skills. Progress is being made… we can pass a rugby ball! Hunters & Hares has proved popular with both Peacocks & Eagles. Personal skills (in Real PE) have been linked in. Many of us are persevering with challenges and beginning to identify our weaknesses to improve. After a double whammy of PE last week Eagles have been focussing learning on other subjects but I’m sure some (much needed) extra practise will be squeezed in before our tournament next week.

All children in Eagles class are invited to attend tag rugby club (Wednesday after school) for some extra practise.  

School Games Crew Activities have commenced this week. Watch out for news from our new crew next week. I know Mrs Jerome’s extensive lunch programme is popular and up and running for all children.  

Other Dates for the diary:

Thursday 6th October – Y5/6 Tag Rugby Festival at Sittingbourne Rugby Club. Whole of Eagles Class attending. 1.00pm4pm (tbc – once they know how many schools have entered). I have followed this up but the deadline for entries is today and so exact timings still unknown.

23 September 2016

In REAL PE, the whole school will be focusing on their Personal Skills, alongside one the key fundamental REAL PE FUNs skills (based on the physical ABC’s – Agility, Balance & Coordination).

Eagles and Peacocks class have continued their unit on tag rugby. In Eagles Class there was more control to their passes and children were using space more effectively. We practised passing on the move…easier said than done when the ball can’t be passed forward. We did skills and drills to help us evade and defend, as well as games that help us to practice tagging and scoring. Hunters and Hares proved a hit with Eagles class enabling them to imprison their friends! Peacocks will be getting to grips with a different shaped ball, practising ball handling skills and of course trying not to get tagged. 

Other Dates for the diary:
Thursday 6th October – Y5/6 Tag Rugby Festival at Sittingbourne Rugby Club. Whole of Eagles Class attending. 1.00pm4pm (tbc – once they know how many schools have entered).

16 September 2016

Lessons have resumed in all classes (with the exception of our newest members of the community – The Robins. They have had lots of other opportunities to develop their fine and gross motor skills through their discovery time this week).

In REAL PE, the whole school will be focussing on their Personal Skills, alongside
one of the key fundamental REAL PE FUNs skills (based on the physical ABC’s – Agility, Balance & Coordination). The Y2s have been working on their floor movement patterns, like skipping, hop scotch (forwards and backwards), galloping, side stepping etc. We played an energetic matching pairs game. Ask us about this. Challenge your family members in our warm up game of (physical) rock, paper, scissors.

Peacocks & Eagles have begun their Tag Rugby units. The focus for Peacocks class was to learn how the belts and tags worked. They had a competition between tree teams to see who could tag the most people and discussed the best stance and ways to move. Next they played ‘Run the Gauntlet’ where you run from one end to the other, whilst the opposing team try to tag you. The children also practised the best way to  hold the ball.

Eagles will be practising some ball skill drills and playing games, helping them to attack and defend.

Other Dates for the diary:
Thursday 6th October – Y5/6 Tag Rugby Festival at Sittingbourne Rugby Club. Whole of Eagles Class attending. 1.30/2pm – 5pm (tbc).

24 June 2016

Dear Parents/Carers,

The weather has not been kind to us this week for PE lessons but we manged to dodge the downpours. Blackbirds were pleased to get outside and reinforce the skills we learnt last week about walking and running. We had fun playing reaction games like, ‘rats and rabbits’ or ‘fish and chips’. We were able to play trains but this time practicing walking, jogging, running and sprinting. Eagles worked on their fielding skills and applied these in games like Caterpillar Cricket and Continuous Cricket. Mrs Barrett and Mrs Luckhurst had great fun with the Robins stealing squirrels nuts! The children were squirrels and had to collect their nuts (balls, other equipment) and take them home (hoop). However some “sly creatures” kept stealing them! We enjoyed a squirrel story too. This afternoon Peacocks will practice their Kwik Cricket skills.

We are now in our last term and still children are coming in without PE kit or part of it. PE kits must be in school the first day of term, and remain in school until the last day of term! Please help with this. Important learning time can be wasted when trying to find spare kit. Children’s behaviour can also be affected if they are not in PE kit they can become reluctant to participate as they are ‘different’ to their peers.

Other Dates for the diary:

Clubs (4 wk ones) run between wk 2 – 5 of each term. They began last week (except Art & Craft) and will continue until week ending 8th July 2016.  Remember to please send in any overdue club money ASAP. There is a club timetable and information about clubs in the bike shed wall, on the PE Board.

Please note that clubs will run on the day of school trip (Thursday 30th June) but this will be the last date for Kingsquad. Although this usually runs throughout term, Family Trust have other commitments to fulfil.

Netball club will end on Friday 1st July (as the next two Fridays clash with Y6 prom and PTFA BBQ).

14th July – Y3/4 Kwik cricket at Upchurch CC (2 teams)

15th July Sports Day

Mrs Ridge

17 June 2016

Dear Parents/Carers,

KS2 will focus on kwik cricket this term. PE lessons have begun with Peacocks focusing on skills for the kwik cricket tournament. We played ‘rob the nest’ a favourite of ours to warm up. We learnt how to bowl underarm and played games aiming for a target. At the end we were all involved in a fun but exhausting game of

caterpillar cricket. Blackbirds will begin a multi-skills unit. The whole school will be covering athletic activities and REAL PE. The latter will be integrated into the lesson or taught discretely.

Go Noodle (part of our DPA) has been explored further this week. Everyone has loved the limited Finding Dorey activities. Some children in Peacocks class have signed up at home and try out new ones to recommend to their friends. Extra daily physical activity – well done! I believe all classes have begun their ‘daily mile’ and feedback is positive (including from parents) 🙂

If anyone knows where we could source a pedometer for each child or knows of a company that would like to sponsor us in this and provide them please see me or leave a message in the school office.

It has been a busy week for everyone involved in the sporting events… from football friendlies to tournaments, let alone all the sporting clubs on offer this term. Thank you to Mrs Jones for covering Kwik Cricket in my absence, with Miss Field. On Tuesday our football team and club players (allowing the opportunity for younger players to experience intra competition too) went to Iwade to play Bobbing. Playing three matches, our team got their first chance to play against another school. Although we lost, valuable lessons were learnt and we gained some extra practise before the tournament. Wednesday saw our Y5/6 football team play their first tournament since the club began. Teamwork was good and passing was more accurate. They are gaining more confidence to tackle the ball. We played matches in our group, losing 2-0, 3-0 and two impressive goalless draws, scoring us 2 points which we were proud of. Much thanks and appreciation go to Mr Lanckman and Mr Adegbite for their time and expertise coaching the team. Thanks again to parents for transporting the children there.

A huge thank you and well done to the children who performed so gracefully at the Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations. Despite the miserable weather you brightened up the playground with your fantastic dancing. You made it look so easy and we all know how this is not the case! I was very proud of you all. Thank you.

Please continue to dig out any Sainsbury’s school vouchers and send them into school. Ask friends and family to support in this as well. Counting beginning and deadline looming…

Other Dates for the diary: Clubs (4 wk ones) run between wk 2 – 5 of each term. They began last week (except Art & Craft) and will continue until week ending 8th July 2016.  Remember to send in club money ASAP if you haven’t already. There is a club timetable and information about clubs in the bike shed wall, on the PE Board.

14th July – Y3/4 Kwik cricket at Upchurch CC (2 teams)

15th July Sports Day

Mrs Ridge

10 June 2016

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back to another busy term ahead. Although weekly PE lessons have not started this week, as you are aware the children have been extremely busy with all the super Queen’s Birthday Craft Activities organised by Mrs Harley & Mrs Clements. However, Go Noodle tasks have been much appreciated particularly by Peacocks. Some classes have begun their daily mile. Members of class three measured the field last term and calculated that mile was approximately 7-8 times around our field. At some point we aim that every child will do this on a daily basis. Peacocks class have enjoyed this a lot and it is lovely to see the children socialising and being active at same time. In relation this we are looking to source a pedometer for each child. If anyone knows of a company that would like to sponsor us in this and provide them please see me.

It seems like a long time ago but yesterday we finally celebrated our ‘sports for schools’ event when Paralympian Rachel Latham visited us. A HUGE thank you and congratulations to our fundraisers:

Jacob Gilbert, Chloe Clements, Jessie B, Izzy, Nikita, Charley & Ella R who raised over £30. Top fundraisers were Jacob Gilbert with a massive £105 and Ella Rodrigues £75…wow!

Other children to thank for their contributions are Abigail, Isabel Collier, Chloe Halford, Alexandra, Kathryn, Lacey, Michael, Sophie, Isabelle Stone, Oliver Stone, Olivia Taylor, Daisybo, Victoria, Imogen & Olivia Coomber, Matthew Harley, Georgia, Adam Sheikh and Ben Smith.

Without your support and fundraising we would not have managed to raise £595.20. 60% of this money goes to Paralympian Charities and the rest has been used to fund some new PE equipment for the school. Look forward to you all using and playing with it.

Please continue to dig out any Sainsbury’s school vouchers and send them into school. Ask friends and family to support in this as well.

Finally thank you again for your PE questionnaires and Club forms. Please refer to Classdojo to confirm if your child has a place. Anyone who doesn’t check their account please let me know or I will not know if you have received the message!

Other Dates for the diary:

14th June – Football Friendly Vs Bobbing (at Iwade school)

15th June – South Avenue Football Tournament 1pm -5pm (spectators welcome after children leave school at 3.15pm).

14th July – Y3/4 Kwik cricket at Upchurch CC

Mrs Ridge

















Rounders Tournament – Oasis Academy, Isle of Sheppey
Wednesday 25th May 2016

On Wednesday 25th May 2016, 9 of us in Eagles class were lucky enough to compete in a rounders tournament at Oasis Academy against 17 other teams from schools across Sittingbourne and Sheppey such as Bobbing, Halfway Houses, Minterne, Minster, Rose Street, Queenborough, Iwade, Holywell and St. Edwards.  We had all been practising hard during PE and break times and so we were looking forward to putting all our work into action.

We commenced matches, under grey clouds at the Oasis Academy at around 3.15pm, played 6 games straight, then a break of one game followed by another 2 games.  Tough, yes, but it was great fun and we really played as a team covering each other during fielding and using team tactics to win 5 of our 8 games.  During our games, I think all of us achieved at least one full rounder, much to the enjoyment of our cheerleading mums.  Yet again, we had the loudest supporters and Mrs Ridge commented that she heard one team of children saying that they wished they had supporters like Hartlip’s.  We are so lucky to have such dedicated support.  Thank you.

All of our team members played well:

  • Adam and Ben – back stop and first post – such skill at catching and passing and getting opponents out at first base.  Amazing.
  • Joey –incredible deep fielder.  Not only can he catch a fast, hard ball but he has a brilliantly smooth, fast and accurate throw back. A real talent.
  • Dean, Ty and Zak for good batting and bowling as well as incredibly fast running to score many rounders and half-rounders.
  • Tihana – her work at third post was excellent.
  • Abigail and Alexandra – for bowling and fielding under pressure.  A rounder each too.

All our efforts paid off as we came joint 4th, narrowly missing a bronze medal by 2 points.  Mrs Ridge was absolutely delighted and proud, not only with our position but because of our teamwork, sportsmanship and exceptional behaviour.  The tournament finished at around 6.15pm after a tiring but thrilling afternoon of sport… possibly our favourite!

Thanks to Mrs Ridge, again, for always ensuring Hartlip School competes in such competitions.  Thanks also to our parents for transporting us to and from Oasis Academy.

By Alexandra Herbert

20 May 2016

Dear Parents/Carers,

Another busy week as always… Eagles are practising their striking and fielding skills in rounders. Thank you to team members that attended an extra practise this week, in preparation for the tournament on Wednesday. Please remember to hand in consent forma s for this if you haven’t already (the deadline was yesterday as I am not in work until the day of the tournament)!

Peacocks had a good afternoon improving their reaction and agility skills by playing a warm up called ‘catch me if you can’. We then moved onto fun drills that helped us practice throwing and catching accurately; as we improved I added a tennis racket to add to the challenge. I introduced team games that familiarise ourselves with tennis skills. We also had great fun with Go Noodle (our DPA) where for a limited time only there is a game linked to Dorey and the new Finding Nemo film.

Robins have been covering PE skills in discovery time. It was lovely to glance over the fence and see them practise aiming a bean bag into a target, daily yoga and other gross and fine motor skills. Blackbirds have had a busy week with SATs tests and will resume PE next week.

Other Information:

On Sunday 12th June we will be celebrating the Queen’s Birthday with Maypole dancing and other celebrations. In most classes the children have practised their skills during PE and are ‘ready’ to perform! KS2 Maypole club did not go ahead due to low numbers. However, I will be contacting them to arrange some extra practise (and asking for more volunteers…).

Please continue to collect Sainsbury’s school vouchers. Ask friends and family to support to.

Other Dates for the diary:

25th May – 2.30pm for 3pm start Y5/6 Rounders Tournament at The Oasis Academy, East Site.
15th June – South Avenue Football Tournament 1pm -5pm (spectators welcome after children leave school at 3.15pm).
30th June – possible Kwik Cricket y5/6 (although this may be the same day as our whole school trip)
14th July – Y3/4 Kwik cricket at Upchurch CC

Look out for next terms clubs, coming soon.

Mrs Ridge

13 May 2016

Dear Parents/Carers,


Tag rugby to start hopefully this Wednesday (I will dojo you to confirm this). There is still room for children from Eagles and Peacocks, just sign up in the lobby. As numbers are still low, we will open it to Year 2’s so if you are interested then you may also sign up.

Football continues to run every Tuesday. We are now opening it up (firstly) to Year 4 children and then depending on numbers Year 3 will have the opportunity providing there is room. Please dojo or pass a message to myself if your child expresses an interest.

Netball continues to run every Friday after school. There is room and again if your child is in KS2 and would like to join please see myself, Mrs Back or Mrs Summers (Ben and Matthew’s mum).

Maypole Club clarification… Anyone who expressed an interest with maypole dancing from KS2 will start practising next week (at lunchtime) for the Queen’s Birthday celebrations. I will remind you. Robins, Blackbirds and Peacocks class continue to cover Maypole dancing within the curriculum and will also had an opportunity to perform on the day.

Other Information

Eagles continue to work on rounders skills for a tournament on Wednesday 25th May at the Oasis Academy East site. Arrival time 2.30pm for a 3pm start. Please see separate dojo regarding this and let me know if your child will be taking part.

It has been a busy week assessing REAL PE skills. The children showed skills of determination and perseverance to “show off” their skills.

Please continue to collect Sainsbury’s school vouchers for sports equipment and ask friends and family member too.

On a much sadder note I wanted to say a huge thank you to Miss Thorne who will be leaving us today. Since she started here she has made a huge difference to the children, in particular leading School Games Crew and other activities for the children at lunchtimes. She has been enthusiastic, hardworking and an asset to us. We wish her all the best in her new job and hope that we will see her again soon!

Mrs Ridge

6 May 2016

Dear Parents/Carers,

The weather has been glorious for PE lessons this week. Eagles class have begun working on their skills for a rounders tournament. We need to practice bowling underarm (aim between batters shoulders and knees) as well as batting. We played some games so that we began to learn the rules. Can you remember the first base only rule? Maypole dancing has continued for the Peacocks and Blackbirds. Peacocks successfully learnt a new dance as well as work on their movement skills and agility and reaction skills catching tennis balls.

Congratulations goes to all the children that represented Hartlip at their first high 5 netball tournament last Saturday. Please enjoy reading the match reports that the children have written and their photos. I was very proud of them all as they showed determination and teamwork as well as some great netball skills. Thank you for your support, in particular Mrs Back (who helped train them at netball club), Mrs Herbert and Mrs Summers for your help on the day.

Don’t forget to sign up for tag rugby club…clipboard in the lobby. We hope to start next week but will confirm this by classdojo.  If there are anyone wishing to help or share their expertise then please see me or contact via classdojo. We hope this will run regularly and help to build up a Hartlip Tag Rugby Team(s).

Please keep collecting Sainsbury’s school vouchers. They are invaluable and it’s your children that benefit! Ask friends and family too.

If anyone has any old tennis balls that they wish to donate or know of a club that has just replaced their balls and have surplus ones please send them in.

Kind regards

Mrs Ridge

Saturday 30 April 2016

Netball Tournament Match Report by Tihana (Year 6):

Hartlip Endowed Church of England Primary School

Take part in netball tournament at Fulston Manor Secondary School

On Saturday 30th April 2016 our school was invited to take part in a netball tournament. We were all very excited about this as we had been practising for several weeks after school and this would be our first competitive netball matches.

We all met up at 08:30 am on a lovely sunny day; firstly we practised until 9:00 am. Then we listened to the organiser who explained how the day would run. Next Mrs Ridge told us our two teams as below:

Team 1 (Yellow Bibs)                                                                 
Isabella, Esther, Isabelle, Alexandra, Ben, Dean and Adam.

Team 2 (Blue Bibs)                                                                                    
Tihana, Jess, Anna-May, Abigail, Nikita, Steven and Zak.

The matches started at 9:10 am and Team 1 played first while Team 2 practised and cheered them on. In total both teams played six games each, in which team 1 scored 8 points and team 2 scored 9 points.

Both teams had a great time, cheering each other on and played with determination and an excellent team spirit. Lots of people turned up to watch and we had brilliant support from our parents, carers, family and friends.

The tournament finished at 12:30 pm. We were all worn out, but we all had a fabulous time and we look forward to doing something like this again.

29 April 2016

Dear Parents/Carers,

Children have been busy continuing their dancing and REAL PE skills his week. I have also been gathering information for assessments too. Most of the school are improving their fundamental movement skills like movement patterns (e.g. skipping, galloping, front pivots, reverse pivots etc) and their agility and reaction skills to catching balls.

Good luck to all those children from Eagles class who are taking part in a netball tournament for most of Saturday. We look forward to hearing how you got on. Please ensure PE kits are returned to school next week!

A reminder to send in Sainsbury’s school vouchers. Please ask friends and family to support us in this too. We rely on these vouchers to get more resources for the children and they definitely benefit from this.

A mentioned last week, there is a clipboard in the lobby that your child can sign up to a Tag Rugby Club, due to start after school on a Wednesday. We appear to have no interest yet but please sign up (Peacocks and Eagles) if you want to come.

Craft Club Children

A reminder from the lovely ladies that run craft club that your child will need an old t-shirt or apron (to protect school uniform). We requested this last week but only a few children had them. They are just a little concerned as there is an extra messy session coming up and your child will need one, so please send one in. Thanks.

Mrs Ridge

22 April 2016

Dear Parents/Carers,

The sports for schools money is finally in and counted and I am pleased to announce that contributions from 22 families raised £595.20. Congratulations to all the children for taking part and in particular those families that raised sponsorship money. The money is split between the school and Paralympic charities. Posters and wrist bands will be given out to the children once we have received them. Thank you again for your support and your child will benefit from the money raised.

Although the Mayfair has been cancelled, most of the school are covering dance units in PE, either involving maypole or country dancing. It is clear that the children’s skills are improving (compared to last year) and their skipping skills have increased considerably. Blackbirds wowed us with some of their country dance moves. Peacocks demonstrated their dance to them to help their learning. Robins will have a go this afternoon. REAL PE skills and games are also incorporated into our sessions.

It has been great to hear from some of you that you are practising your daily physical activities at home where some have set up their own ‘go noodle’ account and access activities that we cover in school. Keep it up! It has also been great to see the School Games Crew (under the watchful eye of Miss Thorne) planning and delivering daily aerobics to the whole school.

A reminder that netball forms need to be returned by Wednesday (at the latest).

Mrs Thompson will be starting Tag Rugby (non-contact sport) club for Peacocks and Eagles next week, on Wednesday 27th. Please sign up on the clip board in the lobby if you would like to attend. Please ensure an adult has endorsed your involvement and signed the sheet too (or send a note in giving permission). Thanks.

Craft Club Children

A reminder from the lovely ladies that run craft club that your child will need an old t-shirt or apron (to protect school uniform). We requested this last week but only a few children had them. They are just a little concerned as there is an extra messy session coming up and your child will need one, so please send one in. Thanks.

Mrs Ridge

15 April 2016

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back. I trust you all had an enjoyable break.

Please can I remind parents that PE kits need to be in school from the first day of term until the end of term. Too many children are still in school with no kit.
Red dojos will be given out now if equipment they need for lessons is not in school. Thank you for your help with this matter.

The focus for the first part of this term throughout the whole school is a dance unit based around Maypole Dancing. REAL PE skills will still be practised within this unit too. Children will really learn about working as a team to create a visually attractive dance (not ribbons knotted around the pole!).

Please keep an eye out for messages on ClassDojo regarding clubs.

Mrs Ridge

18 March 2016

Thank you for all your sponsorship money that has been coming in this week. If you still have sponsor monies at home, please send the rest in ASAP as we will have to send it off next week. We will let you know the outcome…

DPA (Daily Physical Activities) will be used this afternoon as we take part in our sports relief tasks. Each tree team will move to different classes to take part in activities to promote both the physical fitness but also the mental well-being. We look forward to a fun afternoon.

The last swimming session went ahead on Thursday where the children were rewarded for their hard work by enjoying the pool and being with their friends. Swimming badges were completed the previous week.

The Year 3’s enjoyed getting the gym equipment out and challenging themselves to take risks. We also looked at how to jump properly onto a gym box, landing with our feet first on the box. We played two new games; a version of box rounders (but the children went over the gym equipment to score) and apparatus rounders.

Just a reminder the netball club’s last session will now be on Wednesday (3.15pm-4.15pm) as stated on the Classdojo messages.


Mrs Ridge

11 March 2016

On Monday we had a super ‘Sports for schools’ afternoon. Lucy (the motivator) and Rachel Latham (Paralympic swimmer) guided us through our fitness circuit. It was incredible to see every single child participate and the older children were a credit to us supporting the younger pupils in their tasks. The talk that Rachel gave us was inspirational. She spoke about her experiences and used a lovely analogy that life is sometimes like a game of snakes and ladders… there are times when we feel great and everything is going well (ladders) and other times you may feel down (snakes). However, we need to believe in ourselves, recognise that it is ‘good to be me’ and persevere. Her three points were; be happy, teamwork and give everything 100% and you can’t go wrong. See photos on the Hartlip Website.

Your money raised from sponsorship needs to be in on MONDAY 14th March to the school office… thank you in advance for this.

PLEASE ENSURE PE KITS ARE IN SCHOOL FROM THE START OF TERM UNTIL THE END OF TERM. This is still NOT the case. For example, in Eagles class yesterday a good proportion of children had no kit or trainers. We have now been back at school for three weeks. Children can remember their kit for special events or football practice, yet still do not have it in school for our weekly lessons. Please support us in this matter. No child will ‘sit on the side-lines’ regardless if they have PE kit or not, however this can mean that your child does not get to participate fully. Girls – please send in a spare pair of socks for PE as children are no longer allowed to wear tights under their shorts for PE.

Daily Physical Activity (DPA) is something that we are all mindful of. Children across the country are not being active for long enough during a day. At Hartlip, we have now started using various physical activities in between tasks to help keep our brains alert and our bodies being active. The whole school have been doing ‘The Sid Shuffle’ and other dance routines. Peacocks have started some ‘Take 10’ activities like pass the beanbag.


Mrs Ridge

4 March 2016

On Wednesday your child should have come home with a sponsorship form and letter regarding our exciting visit from GB Paralympic Swimmer Rachael Latham to the school on Monday, 07 March. Children have been practising spotty dogs and other moves that will be performed in the afternoon. It is always an impressive event – look out for photos and news next week.

PLEASE ENSURE PE KITS ARE IN SCHOOL FROM THE START OF TERM UNTIL THE END OF TERM. It worries me how many children have not got their kit in school and we have now been back two weeks. No child will ‘sit on the side-lines’ regardless if they have PE kit or not, however this can mean that your child does not get to participate fully. Girls – please send in a spare pair of socks for PE as children are no longer allowed to wear tights under their shorts for PE.

Daily Physical Activity (DPA) is something that we are all mindful of. Children across the country are not being active for long enough during a day. At Hartlip, we are aware of this and had a staff meeting last night with ideas to support staff in using short fun activities that can be used in between lessons/tasks to keep the mind and body active. These include active dance routines to lean and copy as well as activities to strengthen the mind. Brain gym will also be reintroduced.

Don’t forget to please remind friends and family about Sainsbury’s active vouchers scheme and hand them in to the box in the lobby.

Mrs Ridge

26 February 2016

CLUBS – Thank you for your responses. You should have received a class dojo from me to confirm which clubs your child has a place in. Apologies for any confusion, but just to clarify that Kingsquad and Football will be running throughout the term and all other clubs run by staff begin next week (with the exception of netball today)!

School Games Crew led by Miss Thorne have been busy designing a new rota and timetable of extra lunch activities…watch this space.

Congratulations to oak for winning the intra-tree team sports competition at the end of last term. Thank you to all the supporting adults that helped me to facilitate this afternoon. Special mention goes to Pashey Ann (61), Eliza (79), Molly (104), Harry S (152), Jack G (100), Joey (115) and Adam (124) for their amazing skipping…theses children scored the highest in their year group for skips per minute! Can anyone beat their own personal best scores? Can anyone challenge Harry S for the top spot?

This terms focus for everyone will be to learn the key steps gymnastics routines. This includes body management, linking moves into routines. The challenge will then be to work as a team to perform a synchronised routine! Our REAL PE focus for most of the school is ‘Creative’ focus. Eagles are working on using and applying their physical skills and netball/high 5.

Robins have a fun packed term in terms of Physical Development. The approach at this end is slightly different as although they have a discrete lesson a week, they cover the most amazing amount of fine and gross motor skills during the day. On a daily basis at the moment they are doing playdoh disco, yoga to name but a few. Blackbirds also are having a healthy eating/lifestyle focus and the children were enthusiastic to tell me about their PE challenge that they are doing each day. This is great way to increase their daily physical exercise. I have a few ideas up my sleeve. Watch this space. It started this week by doing ‘The Sid Shuffle’.

Mrs Ridge

12 February 2016

The football team got off to a successful start – thank you again to Mr Lanckman and Mr Agebite for facilitating this. We look forward to seeing your progress.

Eagles continued their netball skills this week and also learnt a new REAL PE warm up called All Change. The year 3’s played applied their social and cognitive skills during a game of benchball. The whole school will be involved in an intra tree team competition this afternoon. We look forward to hearing the results next term… All points to be played for!

Thanks to all those who ran clubs this term. Look out for a letter on the first day back detailing clubs for term 4.

Look out for SAINSBURY’S VOUCHERS that are now hot off the press. We do value these and they really do make a difference for your children. Please ask family and friends to help support too! Be aware that as well as the original vouchers (as previous years) many stores are now issuing the vouchers amongst the (usually long!) regular coupons given out. Please check before you throw them away. Thank You.

Eagles School Games Crew – please come back after the holidays with a wish list of activities you would like to run during the next term. We will be looking at offering activities every lunchtime as previously.

Have a good break. Keep up those fundamental skills (balancing, jumping, throwing and catching etc..) during the holiday period.

Mrs Ridge

5 February 2016

Thank you for your responses to the exciting new venture at Hartlip with the football team beginning training on Tuesday 9th February from 3.15pm-4.15pm This is thanks to Mr Lanckman and Mr Adegbite for offering to manage and coach our prospective team. Letters to those children who

showed interest will be sent out today. At present this club is open to children in Eagles. It may be that we can offer spaces to Peacocks later in the year. We look forward to hearing how the taster session goes.

PE lessons have continued this week with Blackbirds practising their static balance (small base). This involves standing on a line (progressing to a bench or low beam), with feet shoulder width apart, placing the weight on the balls of your feet and holding your balance. As the challenges get harder equipment is involved too, like throwing and catching with a partner, whilst in a balance. The children also practised their rolling skills through different activities. The Robins class have looked at A Dragon Dance linked to their learning about Chinese New Year.

Children in Years 4 to 6 have continued their swimming sessions at Mote Park. The Year Three’s enjoyed another lively cheerleading session. The children were given their request to choreograph their own cheerleading routine. They learnt about being patient with one another, listening to each other and taking account of others opinions. Considering we only began last week we were proud of our routines. Hopefully we will have time to polish them off and share with you.

Look out for SAINSBURY’S VOUCHERS that are now hot off the press. We do value these and they really do make a difference for your children. Please ask family and friends to help support too! Be aware that as well as the original vouchers (as previous years) many stores are now issuing the vouchers amongst the (usually long!) regular coupons given out. Please check before you throw them away. Thank You.

Mrs Ridge

29 January 2016

On Wednesday I had a busy but informative day when I attended the first Kent & Medway PE Conference.  Guest speakers were inspiring and lots for me to follow up and think about in order to continue to move PE and School Sport on at Hartlip. I have a special something for the children, from a guest I met there too! Your thoughts are valued so please use the feedback form attached to newsletter. Look out for a parent questionnaire coming soon.

PE CHALLENGE FOR CHILDREN – Start practising skipping (with a rope) as we will have an intra-house competition in the next few weeks. Skipping ropes will be available to practise with (break & lunchtimes). Set yourself a personal best (PB) and challenge yourself to beat that score. How many skips can you do in 30 seconds? 1 minute?

Mrs Ridge

22 January 2016

Eagles have continued their REAL PE unit and have started to cooperate well with others and give helpful feedback, consisting of a positive comment before any improvements given. Some children can take others opinions into account before discussing the best way forward. We then linked these skills and applied them in our first netball unit session. We looked at different passing and the footwork involved. Some of us then tried a mini game, whilst the others were at Choir.

Peacocks experienced some different sports when the year fours went swimming this week. We did cheerleading for the first time, which was huge fun. The children learnt and practised a whole routine. Some want to develop this and extend their ideas which they will be able to do next week. We were also introduced to the Key Steps Gym Body Management Routine. We applied our Real PE cognitive skills foci in our routines. They showed they could order instructions, movements and skills. Some are beginning to recognise similarities and differences in their performance and some children can explain what they are doing well.

Blackbirds continued their REAL PE unit and begun their invasion game unit involving the fundamental movement skill of object control. We practised rolling the ball and played some mini games that help us to apply this skill in a game situation. We then played ‘Roll A Goal’.

Robins have gross and fine motor skills activities and tasks integrated throughout the day in their ‘Discovery Time’, for example, playdoh disco. They’ve continued to practise their dynamic balance.

Last Saturday ten children, parents and staff went to London for the small schools football tournament, representing Sheppey & Sittingbourne area. They had four games to play where the competition was tough. Although we lost our games, the team spirit and determination from our players was a credit to them and the school. We were very proud how the team conducted themselves. A special mention to Adam and Ben, who showed off their impressive reaction and agility skills in goal. Thank you again to staff and parents giving up their time to support us. Look out for the new Hartlip Football Team coming soon…

Mrs Ridge

15 January 2016

Welcome back to another busy term. Swimming has already begun for Y4-6 and the children have had two successful visits to date.

The theme for REAL PE for most of the school is Cognitive Skills for example, starting with understanding and following instructions to
judging performances and identifying specific aspects to work upon. Eagles class are focussing on a unit of Social Skills.

The physical focus for the first few sessions is their dynamic balance (FUNS 5) involving walking forwards and backwards along a line, moving onto heal to toes on a balance and developing fluidity and using the opposite arm and leg.

Peacocks class had a fabulous time at the Sportshall Athletics competition on Monday. Twelve schools were involved, in a noisy Swallows Sports Hall. The children took part in various track and field events including fast paced running relays, over/under race, standing long jump, soft javelin… to name a few. Overall we came 9th. Individual achievements went to the boys storming it in the 2 lap +2 lap relay, 4×1 relay and 5 strides coming 4th (out of 12) and the boys again celebrated success coming 3rd in speed bounce and standing long jump. Congratulations to all children for their behaviour, sportsmanship, teamwork and enthusiasm. A special mention and sincere gratitude goes to Mrs Herbert and Mrs Deadmon for their help looking after the children at the event, along with Miss McCabe and Miss Thorne. A big thank you to everyone that transported the children to and from the event.

Happy New Year!

Mrs Ridge

11 December 2015

Unfortunately Mrs Ridge has been unwell this week and not in school. However, our afternoons have been well used in Nativity Rehearsals. The children have worked very hard and been very patient! I am sure that you will enjoy what they look forward to sharing with you.

We hope that Mrs Ridge feels better soon.

Mrs Jerome for Mrs Ridge

4 December 2015

I was thrilled to analyse some of the term one results from pupil voice (your children’s responses) and 100% all said they like/love PE. The comments were informative and very positive:

– Don’t want to stop because I love it

– Absolutely love my PE

– It’s so good I want to do more!

– I love the fact we do it weekly

– Do fun games in groups

Fantastic….I look forward to reading responses at the end of this term.

Blackbirds have continued their REAL PE unit social skills journey where they are learning to listen to each other, support one another and give helpful feedback to our peers. They focussed on the seated balance and took part in activities that practised this. They worked on their own individual skills, then worked with a partner to mirror different seated balance positions and finally they had fun in a mini competition in groups against each other; who could pass an object around their group (whilst sitting in a seated balance) with their feet!

Peacocks and Eagles have been doing athletics trials and activities, in preparation for a possible competition in January. Tasks develop your child’s PE ABC’s of agility, balance and coordination. They include field events like javelin, standing long jump, speed bounce to name but a few and running events.

Robins have continued to have fun with the Clever Cat story, song and activities (REAL PE).

Mrs Ridge

27 November 2015

Wow what a week in school for sport! Yesterday we were fortunate enough to have a PE enrichment day, where we got to try new activities. The day began with a quick assembly about healthy eating and exercise. We watched a power-point written by a former pupil (Thomas Watson). We discussed the benefits of being active for life and why this is so important. It is a sad reality that for the first time in history this generation of children are likely to die 5 years younger than their parents (see YouTube 5 extra years).

KS2 children loved archery, with 21 out of 24 children (Peacocks class) now wishing to join an archery club. I am looking into setting up some local club links with archery clubs in this area… watch this space for more information. Comments included:

Luke – It was harder than it looks.

Ella J – I learnt to work with different children that I do not usually work with and can recognise others good skills.

Debbie – It was fantastic. I have never done anything like that before. It was good to learn something new. I was worried at the start but it was excellent by the end!

Gary (the instructor) was pleased with the children’s enthusiasm, willingness to practise and improve and praised them for supporting their team members.

Blackbirds enjoyed their session on multi-skills, developing their fundamentals through games and activities. The Robins practised their catching and throwing skills and enjoyed playing games to reinforce this. They also had an excellent session with myself, working on the large gym apparatus on their fundamental movement skills, in particular: jumping, climbing, balancing and moving in various ways. I was thrilled how the children developed their confidence within the session to jump off a large gym box (some with support and some without).

Mrs Ridge

20 November 2015

Robins have continued their REAL PE unit on Casper the Very Clever Cat, working on their static balance (floorwork) FUNS 3 where they have to balance on all fours and complete various activities. For example, reach up and look at the ceiling with one hand (paw!) in the air. They also have to try and pass a cone onto their back and off again on the other side. Ask them to show you.

Blackbirds have been travelling to a planet and practising their different jumps (dynamic balance to agility) FUNS 6. They enjoyed ‘I jumped aboard a rocket ship’ song where they have to jump in various ways. We focussed on our skills in small groups and then took part in various multi-skill activities which develop our physical literacy ABC’s (agility, balance and coordination). Both Blackbirds and Peacocks are also looking at the social learning journey – looking at working together with others, supporting and listening to others ideas and identifying ways we could improve.

Peacocks were rained off into the hall so did not cover their multi-skills this week. Instead they concentrated on their REAL PE unit FUNS 6 dynamic balance to agility (different jumps). They have all improved their skills and moved up at least a level. Most of them are now practising half turn jumps, with a tuck jump and landing on a balance. They played games where in partners. One doing various jumps whilst the other person was the coach – identifying positive aspects that their partner demonstrated and ways to improve performance. The children love the ‘shape up warm up’ game where they had to make a synchronised routine of shapes.

Eagles continued their REAL PE unit on creative skills, playing seated volleyball, which helps to develop our static balance. They focussed on identifying how they would be successful and were introduced to some other rules. We incorporated basketball skills into our warm up, reinforcing dribbling skills learnt last week.

13 November 2015

Robins have started a REAL PE unit working on their static balance – floorwork (FUNS station 3). Mrs Barrett and I have chosen this unit as the children have shown in their discovery time play that they like being cats!! This involves getting into a mini-front support position (all fours!) to balance and then try other tasks. They are doing his through a story (and song) called ‘Casper the Very Clever Cat’. Obviously at this stage getting dressed and undressed independently is also a focus linked to the early learning goal.

Blackbirds are continuing their REAL PE unit focussing on social skills as well as the physical skill of dynamic balance and agility (FUNS 6). This involves different jumps and movements e.g. 2 feet jump forwards, backwards & sideways and then develops to half turn 2 foot jumps and then balances too. Let us show you. We are doing a fun warm up called Moon Adventure, a song linked to our learning and a game called Home Planet. We continue to practise our multi-skills through small tasks which help to develop our physical ABC’s (agility, balance & coordination).

Peacocks continued their shape warm up, developing routines of contrasting shapes. We worked on our skills for FUNS 6 (see above) and then continued our multi-skills unit practising different agility, balance and coordination tasks.

Eagles are focussed on their creative skills in REAL PE and demonstrating these through playing seated volleyball. We practised our dribbling skills for basketball, remembering to control the ball using their fingertips.

Clubs are off to a good start with a lot of the school community involved. Please ensure you have paid your contribution.

25 September 2015

Robins have been doing lots of fine and gross physical development skills in their ‘discovery time’. One daily example is Playdoh disco which has been a great success. It involves Mrs Barrett putting on some funky music and we all practise our manipulation skills with a ball of playdoh, like squashing, rolling etc… Today I had the pleasure of watching one child’s excellent throwing and catching skills as he demonstrated catching the ball whilst looking at me! In our PE this week we have been practising positional language, for example forwards, backwards, behind…

Blackbirds had their PE with Mrs Harris. We played an alphabet game, similar to rocket launch. We didn’t make it to Z but Beech group got to ‘n’. Challenge from me to beat it next week! We played ‘Line Up’ where we have to arrange ourselves in a specific order whilst balancing on a line, like height or alphabetical order. We used birthdays but some of us didn’t know the month we were born in. Please help with this.

Peacocks continued their OAA and Team Building Unit with some basic map reading skills. We had to orientate the map correctly and find our way through a coloured cone course. I was impressed with their skills! We also practised our fundamentals movements by focussing on different ways of moving in order for our team to complete the cone course. We enjoyed our icebreakers where we learnt a new game called Defenders. Ask us about this.

Eagles continued work from the first session, swopping groups around. So Chestnut & Sycamore did team building challenges with Mrs Burrows and Oak & Beech worked on their ball coordination skills. We enjoyed both challenges and showed determination to succeed. We all then focussed on our cognitive skills by playing throw tennis.


Next week we will begin a skipping competition between the houses so start practising… how many can you do in 30 seconds or even 1 minute?

Also …

How many times can you pass a (basketball sized) ball around 1 leg?

How many times can you pass the ball around your back in 20 seconds?

How many figures of 8 can you do in 20 seconds?

Good Luck. Rewards for children completing these tasks.

18 September 2015

Please note that last week’s PE newsletter can be viewed online on KLZ, under PE & School Sport.

Although Blackbirds lesson was modified to take place indoors, we seemed to get a huge amount of learning done. The children played ‘Ride my bike’, a REAL PE warm up and we learnt and sang a related song. We also listened to a story about a bike show and the children joined in with the actions. Other warm ups included rocket launch. Team building games included a frogs and lily pads challenge and a ball relay where the children had to find different and creative ways of getting the ball from one end to the other, without it touching the ground. We had huge fun playing with the parachute too! We had to learn to work together, especially when we were trying to get the ball through the hole.

Peacocks played some icebreaker games like body circles and splat to warm up, alongside REAL PE ‘Hi Baby’. We then split into groups and half of us worked on our REAL PE skills, in particular locomotor movements like skipping, galloping, side stepping etc through playing a matching pairs game and the other children played a tyre challenge where they had to get their whole team from start to finish, without touching the ground. We learnt how to encourage each other and the importance of planning before you start!

Robins – I look forward to teaching the new Robins children for the first time today. This afternoon we plan to participate in some actions song and games, as well as learning to play with the parachute.

Congratulations to all classes with 100% children having PE kits in school. Fabulous, keep it up!

Thank you for your forms regarding extra-curricular clubs. Places have been allocated and you should be informed today if they were successful in gaining a place.

HOME CHALLENGES (same as last week as not convinced that anyone did them!!!)

EAGLES – Practice your ball handling skills from REAL PE at home. What other interesting objects could you use instead of a ball? (Do NOT use anything without asking an adults permission…I do not want to be blamed for broken vases or antiques!!)

PEACOCKS – How many different ways can you travel? How could you improve your movements? Try making up a routine where you link some actions together e.g. hop scotch, skip, 2 foot jump.

BLACKBIRDS – Practise your running, jogging, skipping, jumping in different ways, side stepping, galloping etc. How many different ways can you travel?

26 June 2015

Blackbirds have been continuing to develop their throwing and catching skills through different challenges. They then applied these skills in a mini game called beat the buzzer. We focussed on the social aspects of helping and encouraging members of our team and how we can support each other.

Peacocks took part in athletic activities that develop the PE ABC’s of agility, balance and coordination. Activities included the high stepper, javelins, standing long jump, speed bounce, running and skipping.

The Y6’s were developing their life skills this week by taking part in 2 days of bikeability. This involved how to ride their bikes safely on the roads. The remaining children did some Kwik cricket activities.

Congratulations goes out to the stacking children who went to represent team Sheppey and Sittingbourne at the Sainsbury’s East Kent School Games in Folkestone. We took four teams who showed great determination to improve, good team spirit and were fantastic ambassadors for our school. The Blackbirds team did particularly well coming joint 3rd out of 5 teams. Much appreciation and thanks goes out to Mrs Herbert and Miss Summers for accompanying the children all day, our supporters Mrs Longley and Dotty (Charley’s Nan) and the sports partnership for providing our transport.

A note from Mrs Jerome…

Mrs Ridge will continue to be our PE leader and specialist. This means that she is non class based, but will deliver high quality PE across school to all children as well as co-ordinate the provision of clubs. You will be aware that the provision of Sports teaching and learning is high profile in education and as a result of this we have to ensure that we are accountable for this delivery.

Your child should engage in a minimum of two hours PE per week at school and be as active as possible on a day to day basis. We have organised PE to be delivered in the afternoons with Mrs Ridge. Please make sure that they have a PE kit in school in readiness for their lessons. If your child is without a PE kit, we shall loan them a school allocated one to ensure that they still participate.

I would like to thank Mrs Ridge for her hard work in the delivery of PE this year and we look forward to the continuation of this and the exciting provision of extra curricular activity. Watch this space!

19 June 2015

Robins have been practising using the tracks for sports day. Some Y6’s kindly demonstrated what to do. Blackbirds began a new real PE unit based on ball coordination skills. We had to rebound the ball (large then small) off the wall and catch it. Once we can do it with one hand we practise using the other.  Everyone could practise their throwing and catching skills at home….they will definitely come in handy for other sports later on!

Peacocks had a hot, tiring yet enjoyable day at the Kwik cricket. It was non-stop matches all day. Teams showed good team spirit and there were some fantastic catches and wickets. The children were split into group stages in the morning and played 6 matches each. Hartlip A won 2 of their games leaving them 4th in their group. Both Hartlip B and C came 5th in their group. I cannot thank my parent helpers enough as it was a tough day umpiring and looking after their team. Thank you to Mrs Stanford, Mrs Shrubsall, Mrs Mills, Mrs Herbert, Mrs Harley and Mrs Back for their time. We could not take the whole class out to sporting events without this help and support.

Eagles played rounders and ran a few races on the tracks.

12 June 2015

Blackbirds have continued to develop their ball co-ordination skills. We played games to develop these and worked at our own level to practise specific ball challenges. We are getting better at evaluating our own performance and that of others too.

Peacocks have been preparing for the Kwik Cricket Festival next week. Please return consent forms if you haven’t already.

Eagles children spent the whole of Tuesday at Kwik Cricket. There were 27 teams and the children played non-stop all day! Despite the wind and stumps requiring being held down to the ground, lots of enjoyment was had by all. My thanks go out again to parents for transporting their children and to Mrs Mills for their support on the day.

I’m pleased to inform you that Hartlip School will be representing team Sheppey and Sittingbourne in the Speed Stacking event, at the East Kent Games Finals on Tuesday 23rd June. Letters came out this week. Stacking cups will be sent home to enable practising, but please take care of them and return them to school.

5 June 2015

Robins class have started to practise team games. Mrs Barrett was impressed that we
could balance beanbags on our heads. We also tried out the new skipping ropes.

Blackbirds had a glorious session yesterday outside. They have continued their ball
coordination skills by completing various Grand Prix circuits! We also did some paired and team challenges involving manipulating a ball around our bodies and then our partners.

As you will be aware from the letter yesterday, Peacocks have been preparing for the Kwik Cricket tournament…any extra practise at home would be beneficial.

We have missed the Eagles class as they have been busy at Kingswood this week but I must extend my thanks to the remaining children (Colby, Anna-May, Keira, Chloe-Rai, Nikita & Esther) who have helped in PE sessions (and around the whole school) all this week. They have also heard children read and helped support their peers.