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Headteacher: Mrs. T Jerome
Chair of Governors: Rev. J Staniforth

Office Manager: Mrs. J Warncken



 And now  we have entered the season of Advent. This is the time that Christians prepare for the birth of Jesus. A time of waiting, reflection and preparation.

Our Advent wreath is a focal part of our Worship every day. We  have learnt so far about the Prophets and the Patriarchs

We have a number of number of Advent projects to prepare for Christmas. Celebrating our School Christian Value of Thankfulness, we are adding each day to a Reverse Advent Calendar. We are bringing donations of food for Sittingbourne Food bank. We appreciate all that we have and all that we enjoy and in return are trying to ‘give back’ in this season of Advent.

Each day, we also try to complete an Act of Kindness, counting the days down until Christmas. Our parents are particularly liking the acts which ask us to help at home!

And finally, we have engaged in the ancient custom of the Posada.  Posada is a Spanish word that means ‘Inn’. Posada celebrates the journey of Mary and Joseph travelling to Bethlehem for the census. In homes across the country nativity figures are taken from house to house and given shelter, enabling families the chance to act as hosts to the Mary and Joseph. The Posada is hosted each day by a different family, passing it on to a different family each morning. When the Holy Family is passed on, prayers and a Bible reading is said.

Our children are enjoying hosting the Holy Family every evening in their houses. We are receiving a beautiful gallery of pictures as the Holy Family return back to school each day. We will share their journey with you as we wish everyone a very happy Advent Season. The journey of the Holy Family can also be followed on twitter @hartlipschool.

4th December: The Holy family stayed with Naomi and Toni

5th December – The Holy family stayed with Isabel and Daniel

6th December- The Holy family stayed with Layla and Amelia

7th – 9th December – The Holy family spent the weekend with Ethan and Alana


Our school seeks to be a happy place, with a welcoming atmosphere, built on mutual respect with confidence and understanding between parents, children, staff and governors.